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About us

Genesis Residential Treatment Program Is a comprehensive community based residential treatment program that provides assessment, evaluation and treatment of emotionally, socially and behaviourally challenged individuals. This program is founded in personal commitment and dedicated to providing necessary services to those in need. The residential treatment program systematically uses the events that occur in daily living as formats for teaching alternative behaviour.  We believe in paying more than lip service to the treatment philosophy “each person is unique”.  Each person is indeed unique and our goals are to develop an individual care plan for each person in the program that will maximize his opportunity to increase his self worth and develop those life skills necessary to become a contributing member in society.Genesis is a program founded on personal commitment, from one human being to another and dedicated to providing necessary services to adults.  We provide total personal care by supporting development of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential.


The staffing team at Genesis consists of highly educated individuals with various degrees and training in psychology, criminal justice, early childhood education and child and youth counselling. As well all staff at Genesis are subjected to regular training and annual recertification in Therapeutic Crisis Managment, Crisis Prevention, fire prevention, abuse awareness, behavioural intervention strategies, Quality Assurances Measures, etc.