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Greg Simms and Chris Haut, with over 50 years of combined experience are responsible for the management, the in-line authority structure of the program, the budgeting for each program area, and for all the supporting services that go into Genesis.  The directors normally carry the responsibility of statistics and a general keeping of records, as well as the supervision of program staff.  The directors are also the contact persons for the Ministry of Community and Social Services as well as for referring agencies.


Executive Directors

Jeremy Regan and Jesse Duncan supervise the residential and Adaptive Daily Living programs.  Each person in this position is directly responsible to the program director.  This person must ensure that all staff under their supervision are familiar with all the individual treatment programs.  This person also assures that all ministry standards are adhered to, log books are up to date, daily and weekly and monthly reports as well as administrative packages are completed correctly and submitted on time.


Program Supervisors

The residential counsellors possess various degrees and levels of education but the majority possess child and youth diplomas. The residential counsellors at Genesis are carefully chosen with experience, gender and age mixed, to provide a well balanced team.


Residential Counsellors

Provide direct supervision and interactions and establish on-going relationships with the child or youth.* The counsellor must involve themselves with the residents to the extent dictated by the resident’s needs and program. This may translate directly to 1 to 1 support when necessary, interactions and advocacy with psychiatrists, teachers, specialists and any other professional essential to the fulfil the individual's needs and enable growth.* It is the residential counsellor who provides the resident with a consistent and predictable model for identification.* Understand and run behavioural modification programs as established through direct consultation and training with the clinical psychological associate.The residential counsellor's prime responsibility is to ensure that the setting is a place where the resident can feel safe and secure.  They also create an overall consistent structure, instill predictable routines and place behavioural boundaries on each resident's actions. At Genesis the staffing team encourage the residents to be involved in all activities and routines required for successful living. Through detailed recording and graphing their observations and through the sharing of this information with the treatment team, the residential counsellors will aid in the setting of the total treatment goals of the resident.

General Role of the Residential Counsellors

Systems Supervisors

Jade Millward and Moli Reoch supervise the systems in place at Genesis which are integral to supporting the lives of the individuals in our care and meeting ministry standards.  Each person in this position is directly responsible to the program director.  This person ensures that systems are kept up to date, implemented properly and are flexible enough to meet the demands of our clients, placement agencies and staff.