Genesis Residential Treatment  (c)  2015    PRIVACY POLICY

Our Vision

All individuals, regardless of their social, emotional, and behavioural problems, have the potential to grow into more adaptive functioning adults, and are able to learn that they can have positive control over their own environments.  With the appropriate support and treatment every person has an opportunity to succeed at improving himself.

Mission Statement

Genesis’ mission is to provide young men who have social, emotional and behavioural problems, with a caring and supportive environment that encourages learning, change, and growth through both individualized and group planning.  Goals within that environment include positive development and transformation in interaction with family, schools, community, peers, and authority figures.  Emphasis is on the learning of effective pro-social skills as alternatives to existing skill defects or maladaptive patterns of interaction. This program shall endeavour to fulfil its mission by providing services which:


-created an atmosphere that enhances the quality of life for the client served

-are excellent, reliable, and of reasonable cost

-are marked by compassion, competence, and understanding of each individual’s well being and care requirements

-are carried out in cooperation with the sponsoring agency and professional services

-are accountable to government, the sponsoring agency, and the individuals it serves.